Reddick Bryan was my great-great grandfather. I began this timeline in 1999, soon after contacting Dennis Bryant, an avid Bryant/Bryan researcher from Georgia, who found Reddick in Martin County, North Carolina. The following quote was found in a letter written by Dennis to Larry Martin, a great-grandson of Reddick Bryan.

There is a small hamlet today in Martin County, North Carolina that is called Oak City. It's in the upper end of the county near the Roanoke River. The present name only dates back to l905, but settlers began arriving in that vicinity soon after l700, when it was a part of Chowan Precinct. The county name of this area changed over the years to Bertie County, then Edgecombe County, then Halifax County. In l774, the name became, and has remained, Martin County. Bryans were in the area at least by l749. They were among the earliest settlers in present day Martin County and they acquired many acres of what is still recognized as the best land in the county.

In this blog, you will find posts about this family in chronological order; beginning at the year of Reddick Bryan's birth in 1793.

About Me

My interest in genealogy coincided with the advent of AOL’s flat-rate monthly service of $19.95 in the late 1990s.  My mother, from the New York City area, and my father, from the small town of Borger, Texas, were both interested in family history and asked me to look for their families on my new Internet. I was hooked when I found both families connected in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

I live in Virginia with a wonderful husband who actually listens to many of my genealogy ramblings.  I have two grown children who have spent a few of their childhood vacation days in cemeteries or libraries.  Genealogy, my favorite pastime, is significantly different from my professional career. I am a speech – language pathologist at a local school system where I work in the assistive technology department.

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